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Jacob Wilmoth
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United States
I'm an open person... So this is gonna be a long Bio. :-D

First off, I LOOOVE my camera. It's usually a BIG BAD CANON, but if I'm out and about, my photos come from my iPhone. *drool* 8MP in my pocket at all times, oh yea! XD However, always having a camera tends to annoy my friends. :-) I like to take close ups, so when I sneak the Ol' Canon to school, it's in their face all day. Snap Snap Snap, I love that noise. It's actually been a determining factor in my search for a newer, more awesomer, Canon. If it sounds too soft, or too loud, it ain't gonna work. I'm also pretty sure that I am OCD. But not the crazy OCD. It's not like I ALWAYS align my pencil parallel and 2 inches from the desk corner. ;-) That's not what I do at all. :-D

Believe it or not, what I look forward to the most is going to school so I can see my buddies. We call ourselves the Odd Squad. We are kind of the outcasts of the school, and to make it worse we gave ourselves a name. (Look to sky, raise hands, and yell "Why?!?!")  We have problems like everyone else, but I feel like we are really close group of friends. Sadly though, I only get to see all of them before school and during lunch, but we do try to get together and do something EVERY weekend, which I LOVE. :-) I thrive on the little time we share together. IDK what it is about me, but I ALWAYS want to hang out with them. I know they'd hate it, but a month with them in a nice Cabin in the woods would be AWESOME. Wait... Maybe not... Cabins, in woods, with friends... They have lots of movies about that, and they never turn out good. :-/

Besides being a Photographer, I like to just document everything overall. Every single day I go to school I have my pocket camcorder ready to go. You can never know what's gonna happen with the Odd Squad. We are a very lively and random group, and so a YouTube channel for us is a given. It is a place on the web to keep all of our memories. I upload whatever I've recorded from whatever events we go to together, after of course editing it in iMovie. :-D I also have my own YouTube channel where I sort of VLOG... Basically the same as with the Odd Squad, but with just me and a COUPLE of friends. :-) I hope to one day be a director or something, but that'll have to wait till after I'm done and tired of being an Engineer. Yes, an Engineer. After all of the above, ^^^, it seems out-of-the-blue, but I do want to be an Engineer. I love to know how everything works, and constructing SOMETHING from NOTHING is always fun for me. Plus, I have a TON of experience... Legos, Lincoln Logs, Sandcastles, & Electronics Kits... ;-) I'm mostly interested in the challenging job as a Structural Engineer who has to find a way to hold the building up. :-)

Is this long enough of a bio yet...? I don't really know what else to tell you.

I'm also a Computer Guru... Specifically Macs and other Apple products. XD
I go to Moore High School (GO LIONS!!!)
I drive... A '99 Camaro. :-D
I make money in the summer by SERIOUSLY MOWING MY BUTTOX OFF!
I'm the "middle child" *gasp!*

Oh, and the fine details, for if you ever run into me.
I'm 6' 2".
Have Blonde hair and Blue eyes.
And if it's nice outside, I'll more than likely be wearing shorts and sandals. :-D

Oh, and I DO NOT PLAY BASKETBALL. You don't know how annoying it is to be asked that every time someone sees how tall you are. I actually suck at sports... My hand-eye coordination is so off, I sometimes think they aren't even connected to the same brain. :-/ But I do like running around and stuff... I try not to be lazy, but I usually am... :-)

BLAH! So much detail about me... I should just go on and write a full Auto-Biography. XD


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